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#1 2011-12-14 14:16:00

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Photo placement not scaling to fix box

I followed the Video instructions as to how to drag a photo into a box and have it size to fit. However, the photos appear as small thumbnail size photos instead. Photos dropped direct from the finder, iPhoto and Aperture all did the same. When I owned an earlier version a long time ago, I watched an informative video cast showing how to do this and I was able to achieve the result required, although I don't remember doing anything differently to what I did today.

The reason I want this is to place a logo on the edge of a photo frame templet so I can drop photos in the frame and have them resize correctly to go on an auction site I use.

Please assist

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#2 2011-12-15 09:19:19

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Re: Photo placement not scaling to fix box


You need to decide first what you need to resize. For example, you have a document 300*400 pixels and a photo 900*1200 pixels. If the document is the basis for your work, use Format > Fit to Document menu command. The photo will fit the document.

If you need to to have the output image same as the photo size, click the Set Size button in the main window, then click Set Size in the dialog that opens, and OK.




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